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The DRS Protocol is a well-rounded mix of pain therapy procedures that integrate different procedures

The DRS Protocol, incorporated by Dr. Joseph Kielur of Mass Ave Chiropractic, is an in depth mix of treatment methods that include axial/spinal decompression, and other treatment methods. DRS or Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization, is a “patient structured healthcare” utilizing the most appropriate chiropractic practices.

From the time he began applying the DRS Protocol with spinal decompression, Kielur and his customers have admitted that it is definitely the most impressive pain control strategy for neck and back pain as well as persistent disc maladies such as herniated disc(s), sciatica pain, posterior facet syndrome, and failed surgical operations to name a few. Dr. Kielur and his health care personnel with the Mass Ave Chiropractic Clinic give specifically customized treatments to fulfill each patient’s own personal needs because he realizes how special each patient’s health and conditions are.

During a meeting Dr. Kielur explained how the DRS Protocol works by utilizing an axial or distractive pressure to the injured disc areas while intradiscal force is reduced from a positive to a negative. The negative pressure encourages the circulation of water, oxygen and nutrients into the vertebral disc area; therefore, rehydrating the degenerated disc and decreasing pressure to alleviate pain.

Kielur goes on to indicate how this method curtails the crippling herniation and pain caused by other disc-related degenerative maladies. The pressure elimination serves to maximize blood flow to the injured area to moderate the irritation, boost mobility, and promote tissue repair. Research studies have revealed the DRS Protocol is a front-line, premier treatment method for patients with a number of back pain ailments. Pay a visit to to read more.

About Dr. Joseph Kielur:
Doctor Joseph Kielur, creator of the Mass Avenue Chiropractic Clinic, has almost 20 years engaged experience in caring for countless people with a vast range of neck and back concerns. The Mass Avenue Chiropractic Clinic works with a personalized and standardized treatment protocol with special facets to deal with the individual needs of each individual. Dr. Kielur attributes his progress to this genuinely recognized treatment protocol.