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Indicator Lights for Tumble dryer

Over 17,000 dryer fires transpire every year and most are due to lint collection in the dryer ducts. Dryer vent cleaning is the ideal approach to eradicate a fire hazard and enhance dryer performance.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has proposed that clothes dryers be supplied with indicator lights that forewarn the owner when service is required. If the “low fuel ” or “check engine” lights serve on automobiles, then it’s possible they will work on tumble dryers too.

Out of sight out of mind … This is the foremost point at issue with dryer lint. Most individuals know to clean the lint filter after each load; unfortunately, very few understand just how much lint is breaking away into the dryer cabinet and the dryer duct. When lint builds up and impedes air flow, all it takes is a spark from the dryer to ignite it and produce a swiftly spreading property fire.

The CPSC has made several studies associated with dryer fires over the years with dryers of assorted ages and losses ranging from a few sparks to complete devastation.

One common concern was owners finding that their dryer was not performing as well as it did when it was brand new. This is a well known sign of lint growth impeding air flow, causing higher energy usage and fire danger. In one circumstance, lint among the drum and dryer cabinet, close to the gas burner, flared up. The dryer vent tube was empty, however there was 3-4 inches of burnt lint in the bottom of the dryer cabinet. Lint can also gather in the dryer’s blower housing.

The CPSC is studying two designs of indicator lights for clothes dryers. One would be set off shortly after a defined number of laundry loads; the other would be an “unusual operations” indicator attached to the thermostat. In either case, the CPSC establishes that employing the indicators may alert the owner that dryer vent cleaning service is required.

The CPSC has studied numerous popular brands of clothing dryers with built-in sensors to perceive decreased air flow. So far, the results have been conflicting.

Dryer vent cleaning continues being the ideal way to prevent dryer fires and enrich dryer functionality and efficiency. Although these warning lights, or attachments like the LintAlert, are a step in the right direction, adequate upkeep is the best strategy.
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Clothes dryers are not only among the most expensive appliances to use, they are also the most possible appliance to start a fire. Dryer vent cleaning promotes optimum dryer performance to make dryers safer and greener.

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